We develop and publish proximity-focused mobile apps and demand-based management systems. Because where matters.

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Location. Location. Location.

About Us

LOCATE is a developer and publisher of proximity-focused mobile apps and demand-based management systems.

We build private and open marketplace productivity tools that leverage location-based technology to help individuals and businesses efficiently produce resources when and where they are needed.


Harness the efficiency of nearby.

Whether for a service need, a personnel management need, a temporary work (or human resource) need, or a social, game, or event need, closer is better.


Get it when you want it.

Our apps solve procrastination, fix last-minute staffing voids, help modify production resources as demand fluctuates, and even fill out a foursome for a Saturday golf game.

Mobile Apps

Take it with you when you go.

Those who travel to work, play, or volunteer use our apps so that they can receive broadcasts of opportunities from employers, contractors, friends, family, and even those they have yet to meet.